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Third Bayshore Condominium
c/o C&S Community Management Services, Inc.
4301 32nd Street West Suite A-20
Bradenton, FL 34205

Ellen Brown-Martinez, CAM AMS CMCA PCAM
Association Manager

Phone: (941) 758-9454 Ext. 113
Fax: (941) 753-3062
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Management Company     C&S Management     Ellen Brown    (941) 758-9454


Board Members

President ................................... Sandy Elliott ....................................... 207-710-9004
Vice President............................ John Asselin ........................................ 941-524-0952
Treasurer .................................... Mark Micka............................................815-222-4803
Board Secretary ......................... Sharon Cygan .......................................941-739-8179


Dennis Doan      (G-4)     941-758-5105

Sandra Elliott      (B-1)      207-710-9004

Mark Micka        (g-34)   815-222-4803

Jim Thompson   (N-27)   941-807-1813

John Asselin       (E-3)      941-524-0952

Sharon Cygan    (C-37)    941-739-8179

Lionel Dallaire    (K-3)      941-756-0296





·         (Chair) Mark Micka , Dennis Doan, Pete Lukiwitiz


·         (Chair) John Asselin, Volunteers: Ed Charland, Don Gottoriff


·         (Chair) Dennis Doan 


·         (Chair) Mark Micka, Sharon Cygan, Judy DeCelli


·         Pat Ewenson

Social Committee

·         (Treasure / Chair)Sharon Cygan

Phone Book

·         Kathy Dombroski




A BUILDING Jim & Gayle Thompson (N-27)

B BUILDING Suzanne Clarke (B-35)

C BUILDING Sharon Cygan (C-31) or Mary Glaesner (C-26)

E BUILDING Bob & Beryl Conklin (E-21)

G BUILDING Dennis Doan (G-4) or David Ratkovec (G-23)

H BUILDING BJ Gottoroff (H-26)

K BUILDING Gary Thompson (K-21)

L BUILDING Deborah Smitheram (L-33)

M BUILDING Kathy Fisher (M-23) or Nora Corrigan (M-31)

N BUILDING Jim & Gayle Thompson (N-27)


Secretarial Support / Phone Directory

Special Thanks to Kathi Dobrowsky for all of her hard work on this Year’s Directory


Social Committee Members

  Alice Wells, Bev Taylor, Char Ratkovec, Clemence Dallaire, Dave Ratkovec,  Debbie Thompson, Pearl Bozzay, Debbie Hahn,  Eileen Keess, Gale Hillman, Gary Thompson, Gayle Thompson, Ione Lukowitz, , Jane Steward, Joan Dawson, John Asselin, Kathi Dobrowsky, Kathy Fisher, Lionel Dallaire,  LouAnn Mossholder, Lucille Oldham, Nancy Beem, Pat Ewenson, Pat Lemley. Pete Lukowitz, Rome Taylor, Sandy Elliott, Sharon Cygan, Sue Soares, Chris Hutton, Nora Corrigan, Gale Thompson


Association Official Photos are by our own Robert Conklin




A tranquil, but active, 55+ community nestled comfortably between downtown Bradenton and the beautiful Gulf of Mexico beaches on Anna Maria Island, Coquina Beach and Longboat Key.  Within walking distance is Publix, Walgreens, CVS, Subway, Target, TJ Maxx, dining, banks, South Manatee County Library and State College of Florida & SCF Neel Auditorium of Performing Arts.  Several golf courses are just minutes away.

Our 210 units range from one bedroom/one bath to two bedrooms/two baths. All units have outside storage lockers.  Our maintenance fees include cable television, garbage & recycle pickup, pest control and pool and lawn care.  The clubhouse has a full kitchen and pantry, laundry, and a well-stocked library. The clubhouse adjoins the shuffleboard court and heated swimming pool.  The perfect place for those who enjoy a quiet lifestyle with friends in a lovely landscaped setting.

 We have a very active Social Club.  They sponsor trips, concerts, attic sale, game nights, coffee hours, potlucks, art & crafts, shuffleboard and special events and parties from November through April. 

The Board of Directors of Third Bayshore Condos welcomes you to our new website. Unit owners have exclusive access to the members-only section where you can find information about the association and upcoming events, so feel free to explore the features of this site and visit often.


Each apartment shall be used as a one-family residence with no business trade or time-sharing permitted. In no event may it be purchased by or leased to persons under 55 years of age. During the absence of an owner, friends or relatives are allowed to occupy the unit for a period of no more than one month; only two such occupancies are permitted during a calendar year. A short-term occupancy form must be filled out and given to the Building Representative before the guests move in. Overnight guests must display a Visitor Pass on the dashboard of their vehicle. Visitor Passes are available from Building Reps.

1.       The Association has the irrevocable right of access to each unit during reasonable hours, when necessary for the maintenance, repair, or replacement of any common elements as necessary to prevent damage to the common elements or to a unit or units; therefore, a key should be given to the Building Representative. If no key is available, the Association may enter the premises by whatever means necessary to control the emergency and repair whatever damage has occurred. Reference Article V, 5.2 of Third Bayshore Condominium Amended & Restated Declaration dated March 2009. Cost of this expense will be the owner's responsibility.

2.       No pets, except birds or fish.

3.       Only the vehicle of the unit owner, lessees and guests are to be parked in owner or guest spaces. Unlicensed motor vehicles of any type and inoperative vehicles are not permitted on condominium property. Exceptions to these rules may be made by a majority of the Board. Service vehicles, while providing service to owners or management, may park in guest spaces.

4.       No vehicle shall be used as sleeping quarters when parked on Condominium property.

5.       Vehicles left on Association premises in an owner's absence must be parked in the off-street parking areas and a key left with the Building Representative in case it needs to be moved. If no key is available the vehicle will be towed at the owner's expense.

6.       No furniture or equipment shall be taken from the Association premises for personal use.

7.       No clothes lines, TV antennas, aerials, etc. are to be fastened to building exteriors or trees. Every five (5) years the wax seal on each commode should be replaced to prevent leakage on the neighbor's ceiling below.

8.       No electrical machines or appliances which interfere with TV or radio reception shall be used.

9.       All occupants, in consideration of their neighbors, are required to keep their TV's, stereos and musical instruments at a moderate volume level within the confines of their apartment, and not play them at unreasonable hours.

10.   No furniture of any kind or any object obstructing passage is permitted on the walkways of the 2' and 3rd floors, except for the end units as per fire department regulations. Chairs must be put away when not in use.

11.   Beating of rugs or hanging, drying, and airing of clothes, drapes, bed linens, towels, etc. from windows or porches is prohibited.

12.   Shaking of cloths or dust mops and throwing paper, smoke butts or water over the sides of porches or windows is prohibited.

13.   Garbage shall be bagged/wrapped carefully in approved garbage bags (no retail or paper bags) before being put in the provided receptacles. The receptacle covers shall then be replaced. Failure to comply will be subject to daily fines.  Other items, large cardboard boxes, etc. must be broken down and placed next to the recycle bins on garbage pick-up day, so Waste Pro will pick up everything.

14.   Recycle items such as bottles, tin cans, plastic containers and newspaper/magazines and small cardboard should be put in the recycle containers located in front of each Building.

15.   No FOR SALE signs may be placed outside of any Association building or common elements. One (1) standard "For Sale" sign (not to exceed 24" x 24") may be placed in a unit's window. No "For Lease" or "For Rent" signs may be placed on any wall or window of any unit. Reference: Article IX, 9.1, a., of Third Bayshore Condominium Amended & Restated Declaration dated March 2009.

16.   Equipment borrowed from the maintenance shop must be signed for by a member and returned prior to noon on the day borrowed, unless the borrower is granted permission to keep it for a longer period.

17.   Rules posted in the Clubhouse, Laundry Room and at the Pool must be adhered to by all.

18.   Complaints, suggestions or requests for cleaning/repairs are not to be made to the maintenance person. Maintenance Requests Forms (found in the Clubhouse) should be filled out, signed and placed in the suggestion box located in the Clubhouse. Additional regulations pertaining to management, voting rights, assessments, legal action against violators, etc. are specified in the By-Laws and Declaration of Condominium.

19.   Grills are not permitted.

20.   Remember to install and service smoke detectors in every bedroom per Florida regulations.


To report emergencies or for repairs to the common elements, please call our

Association Manager, Ellen Brown Martinez, District Manager, C&S Condominium Management Services 941-758-9454, x113 VIOLATIONS TO OUR DECLARATION OF CONDIMINIUM OR BY-LAWS WILL BE ENFORCED AND FINES LEVIED.



Pool Rules


                                                              FLORIDA STATE BOARD OF HEALTH RULES

Ø  Shower – using pool shower before entering pool

Ø  Persons having cuts or abrasions are excluded from the pool

Ø  Spitting in the pool or spouting pool water is strictly prohibite


Association Pool Rules

·                   Pool capacity of 16 persons in the pool at one time    

·                   The association will not responsible for accidents, injuries or damage to personal property

·                   Use of pool is restricted to Unit III residents and their guest; members are responsible for their guest.

·                   Children 3 to 13 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.

·                   Children under 3 years old are not permitted in pool.

·                   No excessive noise, horseplay, running, jumping or diving into pool.

·                   All members use pool at their own risk.

·                   Use of sun tanning OIL is strictly forbidden in pool area. Lotions is permitted.

·                   Hair 6 inches or longer must be tied back.

·                   Damage to Associations property will be charged to unit owner.

·                   Only simple life preservers are permitted.

·                   No Food or drinks (except water in plastic bottles)are permitted in the pool area.

·                   Hours- (Dawn to Dusk).

·                   Replace safety rope when not swimming laps.

·                   Stay Off safety rope.

·                   Keep gate closed and locked at all times.

·                   No exercising on the pool ladder

·                   No Pets in Pool area allowed.


Laundry Room Rules

1.       Please use only Two (2) washers or dryers at a time

2.       Please shake sand out of beach towels before putting then in a washer. Sand leaves residue in the tub for the next load and causes a costly repair

3.     If all Dyers are full and there are persons waiting to use the Dryers, folding the clothes while removing from from the dryer is prohibited; please consider your fellow members and use the folding tables. :)


3.       Hang “Out Of Order” sign on machine if broken

4.       Notify Laundry Chairperson if you have any other problems with machines (Pat E-3).

5.       Please DO NOT unlock the laundry door from the inside while you are in the laundry room.

6.       NO Canadian coins! (Causes coin slots to jam)





To help you keep your drains open, the following procedures should be performed once each month. A reputable Bradenton plumber furnished this information.


Sink Drains:                                                                                       

1. 1 cup of Clorox or other bleach                               

2. Add 2 cups of hot water                                               

3. Allow to stand over night                                            

4. Next morning, fill sink to top and drain

Tub Drains:

Steps 1-3 - same as sink drains

4. Next morning, add 5 inches of water & drain  

Lavatory Drain:

Steps 1-3 - same as sink drains                                                                                  

4.  Next morning fill twice with water & drain,    

Air Conditioner:

Once a month, put ½ (one-half) cup of bleach or vinegar in your air conditioner. Follow with hot water.

Change or clean filter.

Cooking Oil and Grease:

Never run these materials down your drains Instead, place all cooking oil and grease in suitable containers, double bag and deposit in the garbage


A disposal requires a great deal of water to fully flush the ground-up material through the pipes. If not used properly, it will easily cause drain stoppage.        Not recommended.


Sanitary Wipes:                                 Dispose in trash - do not flush.

Even though labels may say they are "flushable" - they are not compatible with our old plumbing & sewers. Previously they have caused us costly clean out & repairs.

Recommended toilet tissue:      Angel Soft - only one that completely dissolves in water



Water Turn-off:                    Shut off water supply outside if you plan to be away for a few days or longer.

Extended close-up of unit (Snowbirds or Extended Vacation):

Cover toilet bowl with saran wrap when away for an extended time (prevents water from drying up and bugs/varmints/snakes from getting into units).

If you leave a car parked during off-season, it is recommended that you remove the license plate and place it in the back window of your vehicle.

Emergency Forms must be fastened to the inside of the kitchen cabinet door above the stove and a copy given to the Building Rep.

The Board of Directors of Third Bayshore Condominium Association wishes to advise you that it has been recommended to us that all water heaters older than 10 years should be replaced in an attempt to minimize costly repairs as a result of leakage.

It is also recommended by the Board that every owner should have adequate insurance coverage in the event of any mishap in this regard.   Please be considerate of your neighbors.